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TEM Coaching

TEM Coaching is a music business consulting service offered by Andrew Hitz of The Entrepreneurial Musician. It is for entrepreneurs in the music business and offers insights on marketing, programming, networking, branding, websites, newsletters, and social media.

TEM COaching: Decisive and Actionable Advice for Goal-Oriented Clients

Want to make more money in today's ever-changing music business?

Take your career to the next level with TEM Coaching! Whether you are an individual, a chamber group, or an arts organization, let me help you unleash your potential as an artist, have a greater impact on the world, and make more money.

Working with Andrew Hitz through TEM Coaching has been pivotal in taking my career to the next level. Using tools such as the Business Model Canvas, Andrew ultimately guided me into starting Wisconsin Music Ventures. His expertise and passion for the music business is evident; I’m extremely grateful for his assistance in everything from career counseling to website building to payment structure. Thank you, TEM Coaching!
— Allison Schweitzer

In my experience, most musicians who are having trouble breaking through to the next level need help specifically identifying what is holding them back. TEM Coaching will identify exactly what obstacles stand in your way and help you devise an actionable plan to overcome them.

Just like a trusted set of ears for our playing, an outside perspective is frequently what is needed to help identify the problems being faced. And just like in the practice room, being able to diagnose and prioritize the challenges faced are the essential first steps toward moving past them and to realizing your goals.


TEM Coaching will empower you to:

  • Design and build a website that is as remarkable as your art

  • Craft the perfect email to successfully pitch anything to anyone

  • Program for a specifically targeted audience

  • Intentionally network to find collaborators and partners across the music business

  • Decide whether a for-profit vs. nonprofit business model is best for you or your project

  • Set up an LLC

  • Craft a successful business plan using a Business Model Canvas

  • Decide whether getting management or a record deal is best for you and your career

  • Self-publish books and albums that still get into the hands of your fans

  • Stand out to college search committees enough to get an interview


My music business coaching relies on my many experiences within the industry:

  • Co-owner for 14 years of Boston Brass: A brass quintet which has performed in 49 states and 35 countries on four continents

  • C0-founder of Pedal Note Media: A digital media company producing podcasts and eCourses consumed by thousands of people each year all over the world

  • Founder of Hitz Publications: A digital publishing company that is home to the Band Director's Guide series and TEM Books

  • Raised thousands of dollars through crowdfunding: Successfully executed a Kickstarter campaign for a recording project

  • College Teaching: Almost a decade of collegiate teaching at four different institutions including entrepreneurship and music business classes

  • Booking appearances around the world as a soloist and clinician

  • A working knowledge of nonprofits as the result of sitting on the board of directors of multiple 501 (c) 3 charities that have given away well over $1 million in grants

  • Running social media campaigns for numerous organizations including Pedal Note Media, the Mockingbird Foundation and more

  • Serving on collegiate search committees for hiring faculty


Drop me a line to set up a free 15-minute call to see if I’m the right fit to take your career to the next level:

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