The website of Andrew Hitz: Soloist, Clinician, Former tuba player for Boston Brass.

My favorite practice room in the world is the end of this dock in the Berkshires.

My favorite practice room in the world is the end of this dock in the Berkshires.

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Here's a collection of links of some of the projects I have going on currently with some of my most popular blog posts below that:


Andrew's Hitz - The blog I've been maintaining since 2009 touching on all aspects of both playing and teaching music as well as how to make a living doing so.  See below for a few of the more popular posts from over the years.

Hitz Publications - The home of my "Band Director's Guide" series with the 2nd volume for trombone out soon.

Parker-Hitz Mouthpiece - The custom mouthpiece that master mouthpiece maker Michael Parker designed for me that I play on exclusively.

Pedal Note Media - A digital media company providing products and programs to educate, entertain and inspire music teachers, players and fans. Founded with Lance LaDuke.

Brass Recording Project - The first initiative of Pedal Note Media is the first volume of BRP featuring a number of my former Boston Brass colleagues playing the arrangements of JD Shaw.

Jacobs Quotes - A project to feature the enduring pedagogical wisdom of the late Arnold Jacobs.

Mockingbird Foundation - I'm honored to sit on the Board of Directors of this charity that has awarded grants in over 40 states totaling close to a million dollars, all to further music education initiatives.