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Andrew's Hitz - The blog I've been maintaining since 2009 touching on all aspects of both playing and teaching music as well as how to make a living doing so.  See below for a few of the more popular posts from over the years.

Hitz Publications - The home of my "Band Director's Guide" series with the 2nd volume for trombone out soon.

Parker-Hitz Mouthpiece - The custom mouthpiece that master mouthpiece maker Michael Parker designed for me that I play on exclusively.

Pedal Note Media - A digital media company providing products and programs to educate, entertain and inspire music teachers, players and fans. Founded with Lance LaDuke.

Brass Recording Project - The first initiative of Pedal Note Media is the first volume of BRP featuring a number of my former Boston Brass colleagues playing the arrangements of JD Shaw.

Jacobs Quotes - A project to feature the enduring pedagogical wisdom of the late Arnold Jacobs.

Mockingbird Foundation - I'm honored to sit on the Board of Directors of this charity that has awarded grants in over 40 states totaling close to a million dollars, all to further music education initiatives.


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