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The "Now" page for Andrew Hitz. This page is updated regularly with what tuba player, author and speaker Andrew Hitz is up to.

What I'm Doing Now

(This is my now page. You should make one too.)

Brass Day at Shenandoah Conservatory is fast approaching! Looking forward to playing for the first time with our newest hire, trumpet superstar Mary Bowden! The faculty quintet is playing works by Renwick, McKee and an old Empire Brass arrangement that is near and dear to my heart.

I once again have the privilege of conducting Tuba Christmas at the Kennedy Center. On the main stage and everything! There’s nothing quite like the sound of 350 tubas and euphoniums playing Christmas music in one of the world’s great concert halls. Come join us on December 9th!

I am slowly closing in on Episode 200 of The Entrepreneurial Musician podcast which is crazy to me. Early December will make 200! The guest for Episode 200 is a big one. Interviewing her next week! And The Brass Junkies is in the 120s!

After years and years of trying (and failing) at a number of schools I am finally teaching the music business course I’ve always wanted to teach and it is called, wait for it, The Entrepreneurial Musician. (You weren’t expecting something creative, were you?) But seriously, teaching a class like this is a dream come true. I’ve been waiting years for this opportunity and it is finally here!

December 30th will be Phish show #200 for me. I think I might have a problem!

What I’m Listening To: I’ve been digging on John Coltrane and JRAD lately. Also a lot of vintage U2.

What I’m Reading: I’m currently reading two books. One is Mark Rabideau’s Creating the Revolutionary Artist: Entrepreneurship for the 21st-Century Musician. This is the textbook for my TEM class. The other book I’m reading is Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. Both are constant reminders that I have to consciously try to make my artistry and teaching remarkable.

(Last updated October 3, 2019)