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The "Now" page for Andrew Hitz. This page is updated regularly with what tuba player, author and speaker Andrew Hitz is up to.

What I'm Doing Now

(This is my now page. You should make one too.)

Can’t believe it there is only one week left in the semester at Shenandoah! I’ve already had students give four wonderful recitals with one more on the way. Home stretch!

I played with the American Festival Pops this past weekend with an absolutely killer trombone section (Matt Neiss, Joe Jackson, Matt Neff, Drew Comparin.) Still smiling about that gig!

This week I’m headed back home to Boston for some high school clinics and then to Danbury, CT for a couple of clinics for VH1’s Save the Music Foundation. There is seafood and pizza in my future!

In a couple of weeks I’m headed to the Richmond area to solo with the Powhatan High School Wind Ensemble.

With a very heavy heart I fly to Arizona the first weekend of April to pay tribute to my mentor, Sam Pilafian, who passed away on April 5th. I am honored and humbled to have been asked to speak at his memorial. No idea how to put his impact on my life into words but I will do my best.

The second weekend of June I am headed back to my alma mater, Northwestern University, for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I can’t wait to play under the baton of Mallory Thompson again. I learn something each and every time!

What I’m Reading: I have jumped into Part Two of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. Volume 1 was 700 pages. Volume 2 is 750. Wish me luck!

What I’m Listening To: I’ve been blown away by the latest Vampire Weekend album. Can’t stop listening to it.

(Last updated May 6, 2019)