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The "Now" page for Andrew Hitz. This page is updated regularly with what tuba player, author and speaker Andrew Hitz is up to.

What I'm Doing Now

(This is my now page. You should make one too.)

I am planning out Season 1 of the Band Director's Guide Podcast and getting ready to record. I've only been talking about doing this for three years!

Still hammering away at the next offering from Pedal Note Media which should see the light of day this fall.

I had a blast teaching at the American Band College earlier in the summer. It is always such on an honor to be on that stage.

What I'm Listening to: The historic 13-show run that Phish just had at Madison Square Garden (the longest for any artist in history.)

What I'm Reading: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman - A fascinating deep dive into how humans make decisions and the impact it has on just about everything we do.

Still spending as much time as humanly possible here:


This was updated August 11, 2017.