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Article: "Creativity and the Brain: What We Can Learn From Jazz Musicians"

Andrew Hitz

Very cool article that touches on the benefits of improvisation:

"When musicians go to an improvisation, the brain switches, Limb said, and the lateral prefrontal lobes responsible for conscious self monitoring became less engaged. 'Musicians were turning off the self-censoring in the brain so they could generate novel ideas without restrictions,' he said."

Monday YouTube Fix: Carl Fontana

Andrew Hitz

This clip is incredible yet not in any way exceptional.  Carl Fontana has played a million solos in his long and illustrious career that were just as effortless.  That were just as in the pocket.  That were just as melodic.  That were just as magnificent. It is mind-boggling to me the legacy he has left behind.  I've never heard anyone talk about the best trombone soloists of all time and not include Carl Fontana in the discussion.  Many of my heroes consider him one as well.  I always come back to the word effortless and this clip embodies that.