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Derek Sivers - "Why You Need to Fail": Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

Every once in a while you stumble on a video that makes you reevaluate something you do on a daily basis.  This video by Derek Sivers did just that for me. In a departure from the norm around here, this is the first Monday YouTube Fix that is not a musical performance.  In fact, this video isn't even specifically about performing music, although as you'll see it is referenced and couldn't be more relevant to that pursuit.

"Why You Need To Fail" is a 15 minute look into why failure, whether it be in the practice room or the board room, is essential to all human growth.  This video made me do so real soul searching about my own practicing and I already feel a refreshed approach to my craft.  I can not possibly recommend this more to ANY musician (performer, teacher, conductor, composer, ANYONE.)

Prepare to have your eyes opened...


(A tip of the hat to my friend Syd Schwartz who is currently serving as Music Business Entrepreneur-In-Residence at NYU for bringing this video to my attention via his twitter feed.)