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The Brass Junkies: John Rojak

Andrew Hitz

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Confession: As a general rule I can't stand brass quintets with a bass trombone on the bottom instead of a tuba. I am obviously biased.


When John Rojak is the one playing the bass trombone book, like he has with the American Brass Quintet for many years, I can't imagine it possibly being any better with a tuba in anyone's hands. And I mean that!

John is one of the best bass trombone players in the world. He is also as fine a human as you could ever hope to encounter.

He's one of my chamber music heroes, teaches at Juilliard, NYU and Hartt, has been playing in ABQ for a very long time, and is an active freelancer around New York City. Fascinating guy and it was a lot of fun to chat with him!


John Rojak


American Brass Quintet
The Hartt School


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