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A blog about the performance and pedagogy of music.

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The Brass Junkies: Jeff Conner of Boston Brass - Episode 20

Andrew Hitz

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Jeff Conner of Boston Brass joins Andrew & Lance to discuss how Boston Brass got started. Jeff also explains what it takes to run a full-time touring group and how things have (and haven't) changed over the last 30 years.

He also talks about how much he misses having Andrew and Lance in the group and details his adventurous eating habits. Chicken feet, anyone? Oh, and pickle neck tattoos.


Boston Brass
The Portfolio Musician
The Savvy Music Teacher
Jeff Conner Eating A Chicken Foot
Boston Brass - Rewired
Jeff Conner: Episode 7 of The Entrepreneurial Musician

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Produced by Austin Boyer and Buddy Deshler of FredBrass

The Entrepreneurial Musician: Jeff Conner of Boston Brass

Andrew Hitz

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Jeff Conner was my colleague in Boston Brass for 14 years. He is the only original founding member that remains in the group today. In this interview he talks about how they went from a college group playing small gigs around the Boston area to an internationally touring, full time ensemble.

Topics that Jeff touches on:

  • How he got a powerful Boston businessman to financially support Boston Brass
  • The importance of having mentors that inspire you
  • Perseverance being a key to success
  • Not being afraid of the word no
  • Networking being a longterm process
  • Why developing your own brand is essential

Jeff also talks about the book he wrote with John Laverty, The Porfolio Musician, in which they detail the careers of over 40 different musicians.

I have learned a lot from Jeff's approach to the business and I'm really happy that he joined me for this interview.


The Portfolio Musician: Case Studies in Success
Boston Brass

Networking Isn't About Instant Gratification

Andrew Hitz

"Networking isn't about instant gratification. It is about fostering relationships over a career."
-Jeff Conner of Boston Brass from Episode 7 of The Entrepreneurial Musician

Networking is just like learning a really difficult recital program. It takes a plan and it takes having the discipline to execute that plan over the long haul.

A lot of musicians are good at networking. Not many are great.

That is an easy point of differentiation for anyone in the business who is willing to put in the effort.