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Seth Godin: Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

"If I fail more than you do I win.  Because built into that is this notion that I get to keep playing.  And if you get to keep playing you get to keep failing and sooner or later you are going to succeed."
-Seth Godin

David Cutler (author of The Savvy Musician) calls Seth Godin "the Steve Jobs of thinking."  I think that's the perfect description of him.  He is the person whom I have most modeled my post-Boston Brass career after and he has absolutely nothing to do with music!

His lessons on the importance of failing until you succeed (which he gets into in this video) are must hear for anyone.

Side Note: His book Linchpin changed my life.  It changed how I approach the tuba, how I approach other people, and how I live my life moment to moment.  More powerful than you can ever imagine.