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A blog about the performance and pedagogy of music.

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The Brass Junkies: David Childs - Episode 51

Andrew Hitz

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David Childs, phenomenal euphonium soloist, recording artist, teacher, publisher and magazine editor joined me and Lance to talk about his career up to this point and where he’s headed.

We talked to David about studying with his father (Robert Childs who along with Nicholas, made up the groundbreaking Childs Brothers euphonium duet), inspiring younger players and his explorations into electro-acoustic music, specifically his experiments with adding sensors to his horn. Additionally, we share our admiration for Demondrae Thurman (he's dreamy), portfolio careers and Richard Strauss.

Finally, David is a regular part of the North American Brass Band Summer School in Nova Scotia each summer, is a Manchester United fan and has inspired Lance to start using the term “X, Y, Zed” more frequently. Although for no clear reason.


Personal site,
North American Brass Band Summer School,
Prima Vista Musikk,
Brass Band World Magazine,

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David Childs with the Brass Band de Bazuin: Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

This is a typically stunning performance by David Childs on the euphonium.  His combination of lyricism and technique is pretty stunning.  This is a performance with the Brass Band de Bazuin of "Brillante" by Peter Graham. You have to wonder how many hours someone who can play their instrument to this level in concert has spent mastering their craft.  However long he's spent, we get to reap the rewards.


Monday YouTube Fix: Les Neish and David Childs

Andrew Hitz

I was very happy when I stumbled upon this clip of two of the best low brass soloists in the world.  Les and David are the kind of players that keep the rest of us in the practice room a little longer than we might have otherwise. The first thing that strikes me about players is their sound.  No matter how difficult a passage may be, they both play with the same characteristically beautiful sound at all times.  That is what I strive for always and it is not as easy as these two make it look!