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The Brass Junkies: Brian Balmages

Andrew Hitz

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One of the best composers you'll ever find, Brian Balmages, joined me and Lance for an interview on The Brass Junkies. I find it fascinating that Brian can write so well for beginning band, the finest professional ensembles in the world and everything in between.

He is also a great human.

I particularly found it interesting how he shared in the interview that he had a completely different process for writing each of the movements for the piece we commissioned him to write for Boston Brass. Great insights into how a piece like that goes down!


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Brian Balmages: Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

Here is a recording of one of my wife's favorite pieces for band, "Moscow, 1941" by Brian Balmages. She has done this piece frequently as a guest conductor and I love hearing it every single time.

Brian is an incredibly versatile composer who has written for everything from beginning band to top professional ensembles. During the 25th anniversary season of Boston Brass, we commissioned him to write us a piece and he wrote a wonderful three movement work that has since been performed by the likes of the New York Philharmonic Principal Brass Quintet and others.