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Ryan Anthony with The US Army Band "Pershing's Own": Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

What can you say about Ryan Anthony when he has a trumpet in his hands? When I close my eyes and imagine the perfect trumpet sound, I am basically hearing Ryan's playing.  His tone is the same on long notes as it on fast flourishes.  It is the same in the low register as it is in the high register.  It is the same when he plays ff as when he plays pp.  He is a tone machine. Every single aspiring trumpet player needs to listen to as much Ryan Anthony as they can get their hands on.  Whether it's his solo playing (like this clip) or his orchestral playing, his command of the instrument is unmatched.  Oh yeah, he's also one of the greatest brass quintet players to ever live which is probably worth mentioning.

On top of that, Ryan is one of the most genuine, humble and courageous people you will ever meet.  This live performance of the Kent Kennan "Sonata for Trumpet" is just a stunning performance by both him and The US Army Band.  Great stuff!