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TEM Podcast

The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast is a podcast for entrepreneurs in the music business featuring interviews with industry leaders.

Help make future episode of TEM possible by clicking above and visiting my Patreon page!

Help make future episode of TEM possible by clicking above and visiting my Patreon page!


What better way to highlight the skills a musician needs to thrive as an entrepreneur than by interviewing the most successful people in the business? The TEM Podcast features interviews with leading entrepreneurs from the music business about their successes, their failures, and the wisdom they've acquired along the way. Guests on the show have included:

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"I've been trying to fearlessly invest in the message and put it out there in as many ways as possible. I learned a lot of that by being in the Canadian Brass. It's a real group of self-promotion and of saying it and it will be true. And if you say it enough times the message gets better and clearer and more people see it. And trust that they will get value from it."

—Jeff Nelsen from Episode 5 (former horn player for Canadian Brass)

"The sustainability of the group is very much about giving everybody in the group a stake. That stake could be could be any number of things...It really is about a commitment to each other. And from where I sit in the group (as manager) that's the thing that I need to be most concerned with, keeping that chemistry as fertile as possible so that people constantly find value in what we do. And that value is not only measured by how much income the group generates but turns on whether people can grow."

—Gavin Chuck from Episode 3 (manager of Alarm Will Sound)
"The scariest a chamber musician or freelancer, looking a year ahead, there is zero income. There's no guaranteed income, whether you are going to make $10,000 or $500,000. Basically, you start a year ahead with a blank slate and it's like, 'Okay. Get to work.' That's what gets me going. That's what lights my fire."

—Jeff Conner from Episode 7 (trumpet player and co-owner of Boston Brass)