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TEM Podcast

The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast is a podcast for entrepreneurs in the music business featuring interviews with industry leaders.

Welcome to The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast!

"If you are interested in a career in music then you must listen to The Entrepreneurial Musician. I learn something in every episode that I can directly implement into my current business and musical life. Andrew Hitz and a seemingly endless supply of thought-provoking guests make for an incredible show and there is no question, it is my favorite music podcast."

—Peter Seymour, PROJECT Trio

Want to make more money in today's ever-changing music business? Of course you do! Everyone does. But how?

You know who knows the answer to that question: the most successful people in the music business! That's what inspired The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast.


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The music business has changed so much in just the last decade that it's hard to even wrap your head around. That's always been the case but the rate of change has skyrocketed.

And yet the degree requirements for a music major at over 95% of all colleges in the world are almost identical to what they were in the 1950's which is insane.


Bottom line: We all enter the music business very ill-equipped to thrive in the industry of even ten years ago let alone the one of today or tomorrow.


That's what inspired me to start The Entrepreneurial Musician. Even those of us lucky enough to go to a fancy universities or conservatories graduate with no clue how to thrive in today's world. What better way to learn those skills than by hearing interviews with the most successful and innovative people in the business today?

"It is a great time to be a musician, especially if you're willing to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and chart your own path. The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast leads by example, featuring the stories and wisdom of musicians, educators, and industry professionals who are doing amazing work in their own way. The education and inspiration that this podcast provides can change your life and career!"
—Jennifer Rosenfeld, CEO of iCadenza and Cadenza Artists

Guests featured on The Entrepreneurial Music Podcast include:

David Cutler (The Savvy Musician)
Cathy Heller (Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter) 
Noa Kageyama (The Bulletproof Musician)
Mark Rabideau (21CM)
Susan de Weger (Univ. of Melbourne)

Plus members of:

Time for Three
Alarm Will Sound
Boston Brass
Canadian Brass
and more!

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You can find TEM through the links to iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher above or listen through your favorite podcast app. (I recommend Overcast for iOS and Pocketcast for Android.)

    New to TEM and looking for a place to start?

    Here are some of the more popular episodes. Any will make a good introduction to the show!

    Some of my Favorite Quotes from TEM:

    "Practicing is all just working your ass off and solving problems, and I started doing that nine years ago for the trio."

    —Peter Seymour from TEM29 (PROJECT Trio)
    "When was the last time you went to a cocktail party and were pissed off that you didn't make money. That's how you have to think of social, like a big cocktail party."

    —Ariel Hyatt from TEM49 (owner of Cyber PR)
    "I've been trying to fearlessly invest in the message and put it out there in as many ways as possible. I learned a lot of that by being in the Canadian Brass. It's a real group of self-promotion and of saying it and it will be true. And if you say it enough times the message gets better and clearer and more people see it. And trust that they will get value from it."

    —Jeff Nelsen from TEM5 (former horn player for Canadian Brass)
    "(Grant writing) is like networking. It's not about you. It's not about how great your art is. It's not about how great you play. It's not about how great this composer is. How are you making the lives better of the people you are serving."
    —Jessica Meyer from TEM73 (composer and violist)
    "The sustainability of the group is very much about giving everybody in the group a stake. That stake could be could be any number of things...It really is about a commitment to each other. And from where I sit in the group (as manager) that's the thing that I need to be most concerned with, keeping that chemistry as fertile as possible so that people constantly find value in what we do. And that value is not only measured by how much income the group generates but turns on whether people can grow."

    —Gavin Chuck from TEM3 (managing director of Alarm Will Sound)
    "The scariest a chamber musician or freelancer, looking a year ahead, there is zero income. There's no guaranteed income, whether you are going to make $10,000 or $500,000. Basically, you start a year ahead with a blank slate and it's like, 'Okay. Get to work.' That's what gets me going. That's what lights my fire."

    —Jeff Conner from TEM7 (trumpet player and co-owner of Boston Brass)

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