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TEM Show Notes

Show notes for The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast including topics covered, books referenced, and links mentioned.

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Show Notes

Click the links or use the search bar below to find the show notes for each episode of The Entrepreneurial Musician including topics covered, books referenced, and links mentioned.

TEM191: Keep asking

TEM190: Don’t fit in

TEM189: Dale Trumbore Quotes

TEM188: Don't go wide (TEM Short)

TEM187: Evolving your organization to increase your impact and being flexible as an entrepreneur - A conversation with David Reynolds, Jr.

TEM186: The key is showing up (TEM Short)

TEM185: Becoming a published composer while still in middle school and resisting the expectations of others in order to blaze your own path - A conversation with composer Tyler S. Grant

TEM184: If she could do it, you can too

TEM183: Embracing the business elements of music and common mistakes that will tank your career: A conversation with Umphrey's McGee's Joel Cummins

TEM182: Aligning your priorities and actions for a new year (TEM Short)

TEM181: Owning your own network and turning an idea into a product- A conversation with Truelinked CEO Sune Hjerrild

TEM180: The rule of thirds (TEM Short)

TEM179: Discovering your own space and finding collaborators who are deeply commited - A conversation with Eunbi Kim

TEM178: Purple Cow by Seth Godin (TEM Book Report)

TEM177: The only morning routine you will ever need (TEM Short)

TEM176: Managing burnout, not waiting to live your best life and streamlining tasks - A conversation with Elisa Janson Jones

TEM175: No one has seven ideas (TEM Short)

TEM174: Sam Pilafian on producing

TEM173: Spotted Online featuring Brodie Welch, Seth Godin and Sam Pilafian

TEM172: Don't wait until it is too late (TEM Short)

TEM171: Delivering the right message to the right audience and using technology to empower musicians - A conversation with NoteFlight's John Mlynczak

TEM170: Should a project speed up or slow down (TEM Short)

TEM169: Thinking of hiring a PR firm? Listen to this first!

TEM168: Founding a youth orchestra when you're still young enough to play in one: A conversation with Marquise Bradley

TEM167: It’s all about frequency (TEM Short)

TEM166: Booking a $25K tour and building lifelong connections with fans through house concerts: A conversation with Shannon Curtis

TEM165: A tale of two jewelers

TEM164: You are not the customer

TEM163: The many passive income options for musicians and how to figure out which ones are right for you - A conversation with Brent Vaartstra

TEM162: Spotted Online featuring Seth Godin, Dale Trumbore and Bree Noble

TEM161: Brazilian Blowout Certified Salon

TEM160: Music vs. the music business and the seismic shift coming in the industry - A conversation with Matt Oestreicher

TEM159: Learning without doing (TEM Short)

TEM158: Are you building or maintaining? (TEM Short)

TEM157: Building healthy habits and the value of routine - A conversation with Brodie Welch

TEM156: Hanging out in the hallway (TEM Short)

TEM155: Embracing change and reaching a quarter of a million people every week - A conversation with Suzanne Bona

TEM154: The Long Game (TEM Short)

TEM153: What the hell happened to us?

TEM152: David Taylor Quotes

TEM151: Keeping yourself inspired

TEM150: How to 10x your progress and moving on quickly from your bad ideas - A conversation with Modacity's Marc Gelfo

TEM149: Don't blend in!

TEM148: Spotted Online featuring Sarah Von Bargen, Ramit Sethi and Seth Godin

TEM147: Pivot, persevere or punt - A conversation with Lance LaDuke

TEM146: Solving the right problem plus some thoughts on Gary Varynerchuk's latest book, Crushing It!

TEM145: Finding your creative personal rhythm (TEM Short)

TEM144: Evolving career goals and finding your personal creative rhythm - A conversation with composer Dale Trumbore

TEM143: Learning by doing (TEM Short)

TEM142: Successfully launching a nationally acclaimed music institute before you can even legally drink: A conversation with Buddy Deshler

TEM141: How to deal with haters in just one sentence (TEM Short)

TEM140: Outsource this at your own peril (TEM Short)

TEM139: Why You Should Almost Always Run from Traditional Record Deals - A Conversation with Ryan Kairalla

TEM138: My Best Piece of Advice for a New Entrepreneur

TEM137: How "Overnight Success” David Taylor Was Named to the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List by Working 70-Hour Weeks for Years

TEM136: Deanna Swoboda Quotes

TEM135: Developing an Idea into a Product You Can Build a Business Around - A Conversation with Deanna Swoboda

TEM134: The Dip by Seth Godin (TEM Book Report)

TEM133: Alarm Will Sound Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM132: Gavin Chuck and Michael Clayville of Alarm Will Sound on Having Conversations With Your Fans, Creative Collaborations and Sharing Meaningful Experiences With Your Audience (TEM Rewind)

TEM131: Jeff Nytch Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM130: Dr. Jeff Nytch on Art and Entrepreneurship Co-Existing, Your Single Most Important Asset as an Artist and His Brand New Book, The Entrepreneurial Muse

TEM129: Spotted Online Featuring Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk and David Cutler

TEM128: The One Thing You Should NEVER Outsource

TEM127: Cathy Heller Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM126: Cathy Heller on Getting a Major Record Deal Yet Still Failing, Being Analytical About Your Approach to the Music Business and Persevering Until You Close the Gap

TEM125: Time for Three's Ranaan Meyer Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM124: Ranaan Meyer of Time For Three on Advice for Young Musicians, Seizing Opportunities and Why You Have to Dream Big (TEM Rewind)

TEM123: Chrysanthe Tan Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM122: Chrysanthe Tan on Being Yourself as an Artist, Killing It on Patreon and Tips for Better Time Management

TEM121: Spotted Online featured Jenna Kutcher, Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin

TEM120: Rob Knopper Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM119: A Heartfelt Thank You and the TEM Thanksgiving Challenge

TEM118: Rob Knopper of the Metropolitan Opera and Auditionhacker on the Many Remaining Blue Oceans in the Music Business, Time Management and How Auditionhacker Developed from a Personal Method to a Product

TEM117: Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini (Book Report)

TEM116: Kristen Sheridan Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM115: Kristen Sheridan of the Sheridan Studio of Music on Building a Large and Sustainable Teaching Studio, Advocating for Yourself and the Importance of Not Being a Jerk

TEM114: Yuri Cataldo Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM113: Yuri Cataldo of the Advance Your Art Podcast on How to Market With No Budget, Moving On Quickly from a Big Setback and How He Got a Product into the Gift Bags at the Oscars

TEM112: The One Thing Every Musician Must Have

TEM111: Pop-Jazz Duo 23rd Hour Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM110: Jazz-Pop Duo 23rd Hour on Treating Your Band Like a Startup, Pulling Off a Successful Album Launch and How to Rock an Email Campaign

TEM109: Spotted Online Featuring Articles from James Clear, Seth Godin and Daniel Pink

TEM108: Seth Hanes Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM107: Seth Hanes on How to Get Guest Appearances on Podcasts and Blogs, Getting a Self-Published Book to Number One on Three Different Amazon Lists and Why Strategy Should Always Dictate Tactics (and Not the Other Way Around)

TEM106: Corey Brown Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM105: Corey Brown of No Treble on Working with Seth Godin, Having the Courage to Reach Out to People You Want to Meet and Launching the World's Top Online Bass Magazine

TEM104: Dr. John Parks Quotes (TEM Short)

TEM103: Dr. John W. Parks IV on Building a Professional Recording Studio from Scratch, Being Addicted to Getting Better and Pushing Boundaries Within a Traditional Job

TEM102: Embrace the Process (TEM Short)

TEM101: Noa Kageyama of The Bulletproof Musician on the Rule of Thirds, Building a Huge Email List and What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Performance Psychology

TEM100: A Thought About Each Interview From the First 100 Episodes of The Entrepreneurial Musician

TEM 99: Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength by Roy Baumeister

TEM 98: The World You'd Like to Live In (TEM Short)

TEM Bonus Episode: Get a Copy of "Seth Godin: Live at Carnegie Hall" Completely FREE

TEM 97: Mark Rabideau of 21CM on Being Authentic, Remaining Curious and Finding Your Unique Path

TEM 96: Build a Community First (TEM Short)

TEM 95: Tim Topham on Building a Community of True Fans in an Already Crowded Space, Launching a Successful Membership Site and Minimum Viable Products

TEM 94: The Only True Key to Success (and Yes There Is One)

TEM 93: How Passion Leads to Becoming an Authority (TEM Short)

TEM 92: Steve Dillon of Dillon Music on Passion, Becoming an Authority and Always Thinking Long-Term

TEM 91: Cursing Gravity

TEM 90: Networking the Wrong Way

Episode 89: Book Report - Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Episode 88: Arnold Palmer Luck (TEM Short)

Episode 87: Peter Meechan on Controlling Your Own Career, Unintentional Networking and Finding Your Niche in the Music Business

Episode 86: "TEM Short: Beware the External Should's"

Episode 85: Dana Fonteneau on Figuring out Your "Why", Holding Yourself Accountable When You Work for Yourself and How She Got Her First Paid Clients Before She Had a Proven Track Record

Episode 84: "TEM Short: Should Deadlines Be Flexible?"

Episode 83: John Beder on Self-Awareness, Having Performance Anxiety as an Entrepreneur and Battling His Inner Resistance

Episode 82: "Book Report: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing"

Episode 81: Make Yourself Famous

Episode 80: "TEM Short: If It's Not a $#%& Yes, It's a No"

Episode 79: Emilio Guarino, Author of "Make It: A Guide For Recent Music Graduates"

Episode 78: The Savvy Musician's 10 Tips for 2017 with David Cutler (Part 2)

Episode 77: The Savvy Musician's 10 Tips for 2017 with David Cutler (Part 1)

Episode 76: Business Model Canvas with Lance LaDuke

Episode 75: Idea Sex

Episode 74: "TEM Short: Write It For Them, Not For You"

Episode 73: Jessica Meyer

Episode 72: "TEM Short: The Who and The What Make the How Pretty Straightforward - Episode 72"

Episode 71: Susan de Weger of IgniteLab

Episode 70: "TEM Short: It's All About Your Pitch"

Episode 69: Seth Hanes, Author of ""Break into the Scene: A Musician's Guide to Making Connections, Creating Opportunities, and Launching a Career"

Episode 68: Start Small But Start Now

Episode 67: "TEM Short: Mistakes I Made In My Kickstarter Campaign"

Episode 66: Ariel Hyatt, Author of "Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide To A Powerful & Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign"

Episode 65: "TEM Short: Impact People Around You and Your Phone Will Ring A Lot"

Episode 64: Andrew Hitz of Pedal Note Media

Episode 63: "TEM Short: The Number One Trap for Artists"

Episode 62: Jason Heath of the Contrabass Conversations Podcast

Episode 61: 1,000 True Fans

Episode 60: "TEM Short: Where the World Is Headed"

Episode 59: Garrett Hope of The Portfolio Composer Podcast

Episode 58: "TEM Short: Are You Willing To Change Course?"

Episode 57: Lauren Pierce

Episode 56: Finding Your Blue Ocean

Episode 55: "TEM Short: 10x Faster Than You Think"

Episode 54: Hugh Sung of the A Musical Life Podcast

Episode 53: "TEM Short: Driving Without a Map"

Episode 52: Sam Pilafian of Boston Brass (Part 2)

Episode 51: Are You Just Checking the Boxes?

Episode 50: "TEM Short: Monetizing a Cocktail Party"

Episode 49: Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR

Episode 48: "TEM Short: Can And Should Continue"

Episode 47: Mike Robinson, VP of Marketing for KHS America

Episode 46: "TEM Short: What Exactly Is The Problem?"

Episode 45: Drew McManus of Adaptistration and Arts Hacker

Episode 44: "Don't Try To Change Someone's World View"

Episode 43: "TEM Short: Know Your Risk Tolerance"

Episode 42: Nate Zeisler of The Colburn School

Episode 41: "TEM Short: Don't Start With Logistics"

Episode 40: David Cutler of The Savvy Musician

Episode 39: "TEM Short: Going With Plan B"

Episode 38: Dan Gosling of ChopSaver

Episode 37: "TEM Short: Would Anyone Miss Your Art?"

Episode 36: Michael Harley of Alarm Will Sound

Episode 35: "TEM Short: Are You With the 99%?"

Episode 34: A Conversation with Lance LaDuke on Marketing

Episode 33: "TEM Short: Act Like You Belong"

Episode 32: Sam Pilafian of Boston Brass

Episode 31: What's In Store for TEM in 2016

Episode 30: "TEM Short: Can You Withstand an Avalanche of No's?"

Episode 29: Peter Seymour of PROJECT Trio

Episode 28: "TEM Short: The Most Important Part of Being an Entrepreneur"

Episode 27: John Kellogg of Berklee College of Music

Episode 26: "TEM Short: Believing You Can Figure It Out"

Episode 25: Jennifer Rosenfeld & Julia Torgovitskaya of iCadenza and Cadenza Artists

Episode 24: "TEM Short: Find Reasons It Will Work"

Episode 23: Michael Davis of Hip-Bone Music

Episode 22: "TEM Short: Load The Bus First"

Episode 21: Max & Scott McKee of the American Band College

Episode 20: "TEM Short: Are You Fungible? (Hopefully Not)"

Episode 19: Ron Davis, Canadian Jazz Pianist

Episode 18: "TEM Short: Are You On A Cul De Sac?"

Episode 17: Lance LaDuke of Pedal Note Media

Episode 16: "TEM Short: Become Irreplaceable"

Episode 15: Mike Nickens of The Green Machine

Episode 14: "TEM Short: Let Them Tell You No"

Episode 13: Alan Baylock of The One O'Clock Lab Band

Episode 12: "TEM Short: Always Say Yes"

Episode 11: Jim Stephenson, Composer and Head of Stephenson Music

Episode 10: Jonathan Kuuskoski, Director of Entrepreneurship and Community Programs at Mizzou

Episode 9: David Vining of Mountain Peak Music

Episode 8: "TEM Short: Thoughts on Networking"

Episode 7: Jeff Conner of Boston Brass

Episode 6: Brian Pertl, Dean of the Lawrence Conservatory

Episode 5: Jeff Nelsen of Fearless Performance

Episode 4: Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

Episode 3: Alarm Will Sound's Gavin Chuck & Michael Clayville

Episode 2: Patrick Sheridan

Episode 1: Ranaan Meyer of Time for Three