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In 2013, I founded a digital media company called Pedal Note Media. I am happy to announce that I am now hosting two podcasts on the Pedal Note Media Podcast Network.


The first is The Entrepreneurial Musician which features interviews the best and brightest musical entrepreneurs in the business today. Guests to date have included:

David Cutler of The Savvy Musician
Jeff Conner of Boston Brass
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Patrick Sheridan
Jeff Nelsen of Fearless Performance
Ranaan Meyer of Time for Three
and more...

The conversations specifically revolve around how each of them have applied basic business skills (like marketing, social media, product development, and sales) to today's music business and how mastering those entrepreneurial skills has helped them realize their artistic dreams.


My other podcast is co-hosted by fellow Pedal Note Media founder Lance LaDuke and is called The Brass Junkies. This podcast features interviews with the best brass players in the world and covers everything from the serious to the ridiculous, just like the music business.  Guests to date have included:

Joe Alessi of the New York Philharmonic
Carol Jantsch of the Philadelphia Orchestra
Marty Hackleman (formerly of Canadian Brass, Empire Brass and the National Symphony)
Rex Richardson of Rhythm and Brass
JD Shaw (formerly of Boston Brass)
Ryan Anthony of the Dallas Symphony
and more...