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The Entrepreneurial Musician Blog by Andrew Hitz featuring articles on being an entrepreneur in the music business. Show notes for The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast.

TEM192: Don't let technology use you - A conversation on productivity with Lance LaDuke

Andrew Hitz


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TEM192: Don't let technology use you - A conversation on productivity with Lance LaDuke

For this week's episode I am joined by my Pedal Note Media partner, Lance LaDuke, for a conversation on technology and productivity.

On Today's Episode of The Entrepreneurial Musician:

  • If you make something for 90 days in a row and then don't on day 91, would anyone notice?

  • Thinking of a social media platform as an infinity pool and realizing you are the product

  • The entrepreneurial lessons you can learn from a trip to the grocery store

  • The spirit behind minimalism and how it can apply to entrepreneurs

  • Carving out time to be creative as an individual or as an organization

  • Finding your creative rhythm and knowing when in the day to do your creative work and when to do your busy work

  • The shifting collaborative schedule this fall for Pedal Note Media and how we finally seemed to have settled on a good rhythm

  • Lance's trick to not waste hours a day on social media

  • Having the self-awareness to know when it would be best for you to change a behavior or some aspect of your life

  • A system that Lance used this summer to leverage a Sudoku game he was playing into regular productivity

  • How good we both are at doing busy work done when we have important work to do


Did you know there are two episodes of TEM every single week? TEM Extra is a weekly episode available exclusively to patrons of the show.

On Last Week's TEM Extra:

  • A tweet by Dan Hockenmaier that exaggerates a point about how passion isn't everything but still hits on something incredibly important

  • Making art that fills a need

  • Some wisdom from Yoko Ono via fellow musician Alan Theisen about living on someone else's schedule

  • Going against the grain of the many different cultures we are all engrained within (and why that's so hard sometimes)

  • The career course corrections I am constantly experiencing by interviewing such brilliant people for TEM

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