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The Entrepreneurial Musician Blog by Andrew Hitz featuring articles on being an entrepreneur in the music business. Show notes for The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast.

TEM179: Eunbi Kim

Andrew Hitz

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TEM179: Discovering your own space and finding collaborators who are deeply commited - A conversation with Eunbi Kim

Eunbi Kim is a pianist, teacher and entrepreneur based in New York City.

On Today's Episode of The Entrepreneurial Musician:

  • How Angela Beeching changed her life by teaching her how to find her own space within the music business and the world

  • Eunbi's project Murakami Music and all that went into making it a reality

  • The importance of communication and contracts with people you collaborate with (and why the best time to discuss things like exit strategies is when everyone is getting along)

  • Her textbook email asking me about appearing on TEM

  • Bespoken, a music mentoring organization founded by Eunbi and Gina Izzo

  • The dangers of comparing your real self to someone else's social media self

  • The teacher she had in college who was so abusive that she became overcome with crippling self-doubt and how she came through the performance even stronger

  • Why ego-based fear is so damaging to artists

  • The power of affirming your own good intentions


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