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TEM152: David Taylor Quotes

Andrew Hitz

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TEM152: David Taylor Quotes

This episode features thoughts on my favorite quotes from the conversation I had with David Taylor in TEM137: How "Overnight Success” David Taylor Was Named to the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List by Working 70-Hour Weeks for Years.


  • “I cut myself some slack in regards to it. That's why at the beginning I thought, ‘I need to be an expert at everything and I need to make sure I'm infused by everything’ and I'm (now) aware that I'm not going to be totally passionate about every single element of the business.”
  • “I totally agree about sort of giving someone a leash to run. I've really had the most amazing orchestra manager intern this summer. We have this whole job description. You do librarian duties, all this stuff, and then we made the decision to go completely digital and use iPads, so her whole job description changed. Then all the staff meet for the first time on the course as well so it was jumping straight into the fire and she just absolutely smashed it. So I'd go to ask how things were going and she'd already thought of all the problems that were coming up, already fixed them all and had already solved them without me having to worry about anything. When it works well, it's an absolute dream. Once you meet people you get on with creatively and you respect I think it makes it much easier to do the navigating side of things.”
  • “This is the most amazing time for anyone to create any business or do anything to improve themselves. In the past, let's say even 20 years ago, I'd not be able to do this. Before, you'd have to go to a library and go and talk to the clerk and work out what books you might want and go and find them. Read the back of them. Make the choice which one you want to take home. Take it home. Read it. Find out it's not good. Come back. Even after three weeks you only learn one thing. Whereas now at your fingertips you can find a YouTube tutorial or a blog that someone has done that can tell you how to do it within two minutes and not leave your house or have to put anything over on top of your pajamas. It's unbelievable.”
  • “I think we're living through the most amazing period of change, not just society-wise, but also in classical music. The organizations, particularly in the UK, that are in the establishment just haven't worked out what's going on and aren't adapting to societal change and the technology change as well. I think they're miles behind in general. So you can completely carve your own path by working out how you can get round these gatekeepers now.”
  • “Of late I've had a little bit of attention, people want me to go and talk at places. I find it quite interesting because I'm doing exactly what I was doing three and a half years ago. Nothing's changed. But all of a sudden, one thing leads to another and you get more awareness as to who you are and what you're doing. Similar thing, ‘Oh, you're an overnight success’ and it's, ‘No, I've been working like 70 hours a week for the last however long. It's quite a time now.’”
  • “Also, even though I failed at the YouTube channel, it was an important learning success. The skills I learned from video editing and filming were then taken and put into the orchestra in summer. So it's not as though it's been an entire waste of time. I've come through it learning more and learning more about how to talk to people, learning some filming skills. So it's been beneficial in the long run. But yeah, it's totally important to talk about when things go wrong and I'd love to say the last three and a half years have been perfect and I'm some sort of demi-god, but sadly that's not the case.”

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