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The Entrepreneurial Musician Blog by Andrew Hitz featuring articles on being an entrepreneur in the music business. Show notes for The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast.

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Tweet of the Week: James Altucher (@JamesAltucher)

Andrew Hitz

James Altucher.jpg

This is a really interesting way of looking at things because not all of us have money but we can all take risks.

That being said, the younger you are, the more risks you can take. And that’s exactly why the best time to start any kind of an entrepreneurial endeavor is today. Because we aren’t getting any younger.

This is also why college students ought to be thinking really big while they’re still in college rather than just navigating the requirements for their degree.

What a properly balanced stock portfolio looks like depends on your age. If you are young, you should have way more stocks than bonds because you have such a long road ahead to be able to ride out inevitable dips in the market. People closer to retirement are much more risk averse and have portfolios that are much more heavily populated with bonds which are safer but offer far less return.

Being in college and “only” taking your required classes to get your degree in four years is the equivalent of having lots of safe bonds in your portfolio. But it is exactly the time to be taking risks.

That risk can be financial. It can be pursuing a project that probably won’t “catch on” but if it does it will be remarkable and get people talking about you. It can look a lot of different ways.

Bottom line is that the younger you are, the more risks you should be taking. Because as James Altucher says in this week’s tweet, risks are the currency of life and will pay off in the end if you are brave enough to take them.

A truth bomb from Henry Winkler

Andrew Hitz

Tenacity + Courage + Honesty About Your Ability + Gratitude = Accomplishing What's On Your Mind


Oh man if I were the tattoo type and I was looking for a really long tattoo this would be a good candidate! I love how one good quote can fire me the hell up!

(You can listen to the entire Henry Winkler interview with James Altucher from which that quote is taken plus read a summary of the best points he makes here.)

Must Hear: The James Altucher Show Episode 246 featuring Ramit Sethi

Andrew Hitz

This interview is worth the time (it's long!) They go so long in part one (that the above tweet links to) that they did a second part the following week.

Really great, actionable advice on how to start a business. Ramit is one of my favorite entrepreneurs and James is one of my favorite interviewers.

Don't miss this!

TEM 75: Idea Sex

Andrew Hitz

Listen via:


This episode is about the James Altucher concept Idea Sex which I learned from his book, Choose Yourself, and a very simple exercise you can do on a daily basis to learn how to produce great ideas.

Topics Covered:

  • How old ideas and new ideas mate to become their own idea
  • The importance of taking any ideas or inspirations you have and putting them into action
  • Doing James Altucher's incredibly simple 10 ideas a day challenge for one full year
  • How at some point you need to stop just watching YouTube clips of great basketball players and actually play some basketball if you want to become a good basketball player
  • How I answered a student when they asked "How do I get my first income stream?"
  • One of my ideas from the past that seemed really good and really wasn't
  • Why you really have to reserve your name .com as a URL if it is available even if you don't do anything with it right away


Choose Yourself by James Altucher
The James Altucher Show
"How To Have Great Ideas" by James Altucher
Jessica Meyer: Episode 73

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Derek Sivers on The James Altucher Show: What I'm Listening To

Andrew Hitz

I am going to start a new series of posts here at the TEM blog called "What I'm Listening To".

I listen to a whole lot of podcasts. I listen to a podcast every day. I also host two of them with a third on the way. I can't get enough of them as an incredible source of completely free information.

I recently stumbled upon The James Altucher Show. He is an incredible interviewer and thinker. He always asks the question you want him to ask next which is the biggest compliment I can give to an interviewer.

Episode 159 features a discussion with Derek Sivers, one of my favorites. I will be shocked if this interview doesn't get you fired up to create what you were meant to create. Can't recommend this interview enough.

(Side note: This interview contains the best quote about goal-setting I've ever heard. He absolutely nails the you know what out of it.)


James Altucher Show Episode 149: Derek Sivers

(Another side note: The blog post that James put together at the above link about the interview is worth the click even if you don't plan on listening to the interview. Good stuff.)