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TEM 77: The Savvy Musician's 10 Tips for 2017 with David Cutler (Part 1)

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TEM 77: The Savvy Musician's 10 Tips for 2017 with David Cutler (Part 1)

Andrew Hitz

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David Cutler offers up 10 unusual and incredibly thought-provoking tips for 2017. Part 1 is the first five. Guaranteed to make you think and give you some actionable ideas to move your art forward in 2017!

  1. Get to the end
  2. Get small but make it HUGE
  3. Fail your way to success
  4. Look for opportunities where they don't exist
  5. Embrace your inner weirdo

(Check out Episode 78 for Tips 6-10)

And don't forget to click on the link below for the 2017 Savvy Arts Venture Challenge. It is a phenomenal, career-changing event and scholarships are available. 


Savvy Arts Venture Challenge
Parker Mouthpieces
Brian Pertl: Episode 6

Favorite Quotes:

(This episode is FILLED with them so I just picked a couple of random ones. So much gold from Dr. Cutler!)

"Find what's most interesting about you, and if you don't have that thing in your bio, you are missing an opportunity. How many bios have we read? I'll tell you...nobody cares where you went to school. Nobody cares what teachers you had. Nobody cares what awards you had in a lot of worlds because everybody has those things."

"Well thank you, Mr. Hitz, for most of this interview."

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