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TEM 75: Idea Sex

TEM Blog

The Entrepreneurial Musician Blog by Andrew Hitz featuring articles on being an entrepreneur in the music business. Show notes for The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast.

TEM 75: Idea Sex

Andrew Hitz

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This episode is about the James Altucher concept Idea Sex which I learned from his book, Choose Yourself, and a very simple exercise you can do on a daily basis to learn how to produce great ideas.

Topics Covered:

  • How old ideas and new ideas mate to become their own idea
  • The importance of taking any ideas or inspirations you have and putting them into action
  • Doing James Altucher's incredibly simple 10 ideas a day challenge for one full year
  • How at some point you need to stop just watching YouTube clips of great basketball players and actually play some basketball if you want to become a good basketball player
  • How I answered a student when they asked "How do I get my first income stream?"
  • One of my ideas from the past that seemed really good and really wasn't
  • Why you really have to reserve your name .com as a URL if it is available even if you don't do anything with it right away


Choose Yourself by James Altucher
The James Altucher Show
"How To Have Great Ideas" by James Altucher
Jessica Meyer: Episode 73

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