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The Entrepreneurial Musician Blog by Andrew Hitz featuring articles on being an entrepreneur in the music business. Show notes for The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast.

Show Notes for Episode 45: Drew McManus of Adaptistration and Arts Hacker

Andrew Hitz

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Drew McManus is one of the premier orchestral consultants in the country and the man behind many projects including Adaptistration and Arts Hacker. He started and sold his first arts-related business when he was in his mid-20's and has since moved on to form many successful organizations.

This was a truly delightful conversation. I love the way Drew thinks about the world and the arts. He is an incredibly thoughtful person and that particularly showed through in a few of his answers in this interview. He answered a handful of questions in a way that wasn't exactly what I was expecting and each time made me think deeper about the subject I had just asked him about. I can't chat with people enough who challenge my thinking along those lines.

It's no wonder he has launched so many successful businesses within the arts world!

Topics Covered:

  • The specific moment he learned the first great lie of academia
  • How he built his first arts-related business in his mid-20's that ended up being so successful that he sold it and it is still in operation today
  • What drove him to form a 501(c)3 at such an early age
  • The factors that led him to become an orchestral consultant (including a lack of people in the field at the time)
  • The importance of a musician having the skills necessary to be able to look at the fiscal health of an organization before auditioning or accepting a position
  • How he networked (and increased his consulting business exponentially) through content marketing years before that's what it was called
  • How his Adaptistration blog not only solved problems for people but also created a community
  • How Arts Hacker was born through identifying a need in the arts world that Drew and his team could meet better than anyone else
  • The importance of creating a workspace environment you can thrive in and of investing in yourself
  • How having good communication skills helps you focus
  • The problem with reading too much advice-driven content



Favorite Quote:

"If a problem exists is it because of a system, is it because of a problem, is it because of people, or is it a combination of the three?"

Bonus Quote:

"Anyone who is afraid to talk about failure is probably someone you want to listen to less and less."

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