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TEM106: Corey Brown Quotes (TEM Short)

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TEM106: Corey Brown Quotes (TEM Short)

Andrew Hitz

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Corey Brown is the founder of the online bass magazine, No Treble, and worked with Seth Godin to build Squidoo, one of the most visited websites in the history of the internet.

This TEM Short features thoughts on my favorite Corey Brown quotes from TEM 105.


  • "We spent the summer (and) Seth's goal was to prototype (the website.) I don't know why but the team couldn't really pull together a prototype. So I said 'Well this is really too complicated of an idea to just jump into protyping. This thing has to be architected. That's a skillset he didn't bring me in for but it's a skillset I had."
  • "I'm inherently lazy. People don't think of me that way but I look for efficiencies in everything. If we're doing the same thing twice, I'm like 'Okay how do make this so we don't do this twice?'"
  • "I didn't see an online magazine for bass players, and there weren't that many of them anyway, but I didn't see one where I thought 'This is what I would want to build'. This was the opportunity to say 'This is the online magazine I think needs to exist and we'll see what happens and we'll see if people agree with me or not."
  • "In my mind, if you see an opportunity to connect with someone, you should just go for it."

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