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TEM 100: A Thought About Each Interview From the First 100 Episodes of The Entrepreneurial Musician

TEM Blog

The Entrepreneurial Musician Blog by Andrew Hitz featuring articles on being an entrepreneur in the music business. Show notes for The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast.

TEM 100: A Thought About Each Interview From the First 100 Episodes of The Entrepreneurial Musician

Andrew Hitz

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TEM made it to 100 episodes with thousands of downloads in 77 countries and all 50 states!

The iTunes store is littered with podcasts that stop well short of 100 episodes and are never heard from again. The only reason I made it this far is the support of so many of you listeners. Please keep the emails, tweets, Instagram comments, Patreon money and everything else coming. I love hearing from you all. Cheers!

Topics Covered:

  • 7:22 - TEM 1 Ranaan Meyer: Being first in a category
  • 8:45 - TEM 2 Pat Sheridan: "For Band, Chorus and Orchestral Winds"
  • 9:58 - TEM 3 Gavin Chuck & Michael Clayville: Make art people couldn't live without
  • 11:39 - TEM 4 Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser: Communication and persistence are cornerstones of success
  • 13:44 - TEM 5 Jeff Nelsen: Fearless Performance as it relates to be an entrepreneur
  • 15:44 - TEM 6 Brian Pertl: The perfect meld of artist and businessman
  • 17:32 - TEM 7 Jeff Conner: Networking is a longterm process
  • 19:13 - TEM 9 David Vining: His battle with dystonia taught him to not always approach problems in a linear and traditional manner
  • 20:50 - TEM 10 Jonathan Kuuskoski: The importance of getting into the Build->Measure->Learn feedback loop as quickly as possible
  • 22:37 - TEM 11 Jim Stephenson: The value of humility in a sustainable career
  • 24:10 - TEM 13 Alan Baylock: Let them tell you no
  • 27:01 - TEM 15 Mike Nickens: You do you and don't worry about fitting into a pre-existing mold
  • 29:08 - TEM 17 Lance LaDuke: What else do you do?
  • 31:06 - TEM 19 Ron Davis: Being fungible means you've already lost
  • 33:29 - TEM 21 Max and Scott McKee: Surround yourself with the right people and anything is possible
  • 34:25 - TEM 23 Michael Davis: Funded over 10 recordings through various creative ways
  • 35:40 - TEM 25 Jennifer Rosenfeld and Julia Torgovitskaya: Why even in the worst case scenario you will learn a lot when starting a new venture
  • 37:23 - TEM 27 John Kellogg: Why you need to define for yourself what your own definition of "making it" is
  • 38:37 - TEM 29 Peter Seymour: Being willing to hear the word no literally thousands of times to get things moving
  • 39:19 - TEM 32 Sam Pilafian: How having strengths where others have weaknesses will make you useful and hirable
  • 40:30 - TEM 36 Michael Harley: Southern Exposure New Music Series has a very small yet incredibly dedicated niche
  • 41:56 - TEM 38 Dan Gosling: The incredible ability to go from self-pity to launching your next plan overnight
  • 44:03 - TEM 40 David Cutler: How impact and income are linked if you do it right
  • 45:03 - TEM 42 Nate Zeisler: The importance of knowing your risk tolerance when plotting your career
  • 46:55 - TEM 45 Drew McManus: How his Adaptistration blog not only solved problems for people but also created a community
  • 48:10 - TEM 47 Mike Robinson: Going from the production line making drum heads to a job as the research and development coordinator in six months
  • 49:53 - TEM 49 Ariel Hyatt: Evaluating ROI on social media is like try to monetize a cocktail party
  • 51:32 - TEM 54 Hugh Sung: How they redesigned the AirTurn website a dozen times and paid attention to what worked and what didn't work with each version
  • 53:20 - TEM 57 Lauren Pierce: - She learned how to code and was willing to email Wordpress support 10x a day until she understood everything
  • 54:48 - TEM 59 Garrett Hope: The audacity of asking (including getting a Seth Godin talk onto his podcast)
  • 56:33 - TEM 62 Jason Heath: The best time to start a podcast is five years ago and the second best time is today
  • 58:04 - TEM 69 Seth Hanes: The importance of pitching people the right way (where they are getting at least 51% of the value of the exchange)
  • 1:00:38 - TEM 71 Susan de Weger: Her time in IT helped her realize the importance of having a unique value proposition
  • 1:03:00 - TEM 73 Jessica Meyer: The importance of intentionally networking/reaching out to people you don't know in an organized fashion
  • 1:05:11 - TEM 79 Emilio Guarino: Why if you have no entrepreneurial experience, designing and selling a sticker for a project (like a band you're in) will teach you a lot about business
  • 1:07:44 - TEM 83 John Beder: His use of deadlines to finally ship his documentary after years of making it
  • 1:09:45 - TEM 85 Dana Fonteneau: Figuring out your why before deciding the tools to use and actually building stuff like websites
  • 1:10:58 - TEM 87 Pete Meechan: Finding your niche (like he has with brass music)
  • 1:12:43 - TEM 92 Steve Dillon: How his passion has helped him become an authority on certain subjects which in turn has helped him to solve problems for people
  • 1:14:04 - TEM 95: Tim Topham How he built a community he could serve and then monetized it
  • 1:16:58 - TEM 97 Mark Rabideau: His least favorite thing is a great idea that doesn't get executed

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