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Free Seth Godin Book


get your free copy of "seth godin: live at carnegie hall"

Seth Godin is one of my heroes!

Actually, if you are a regular listener to The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast, you know that my wife refers to Seth as my spirit animal! He is my favorite author, thinker and disrupter in the business today. He always makes me challenge my own opinions and assumptions which is darn good for me.

Back in February, Seth gave a talk to a group of Juilliard students at Carnegie Hall about the music business and it was as spot on as anyone I've ever heard speak on the topic. He touched on how the shortage of highly competent musicians is over, the importance of developing connections, why we need people solving interesting problems and questioned who would miss your art if it were gone.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface of what he covered! It was truly a master class on the state of the music business and what someone needs to do to get noticed and make a ruckus.

I emailed him asking his permission to transcribe the Carnegie Hall talk in order to help spread its message far and wide. In spite of receiving over 5,000 emails a day, he wrote back to me within five minutes with the simple response: "Of course!"

So please enjoy this awesome ebook courtesy of Seth Godin. Read it, and then in Seth's words, go make a ruckus.  Think of this book as our gift to you.  It is absolutely free and your's for the taking!


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