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Don't Wait Until 1:00 pm
Joe Alessi This reminds me of one of my favorite Joe Alessi quotes: "You’re not winning an audition if your first notes of the day are at 1 pm.” —Joe Alessi Same goes for composing. Or doing score study. Or anything else. Get those feet moving!
Is it the Hardware or the Software?
kind of like Joe Alessi. Exactly like Joe Alessi. He will have to work a lot harder but the results Joe Alessi . But if you hand Joe Alessi a student trombone, he is going to sound like Joe Alessi. Not sound
Happiness Is Simplicity
. To play a brass instrument poorly is an incredibly complex process." -Joe Alessi Even if you are Joe Alessi of my favorite Joe Alessi quotes: "To play a brass instrument well is an incredibly simple process
Own Your Mistakes
Joe Alessi This quote from Dr. Mickey McCale reminds me of a time I heard a student ask Joe Alessi about how
New York Philharmonic in North Korea: Monday YouTube Fix
Joe Alessi brass! Joe Alessi, Alan Baer, Phil Smith and Philip Myers as well as the entire rest of the brass
Two Quotes to Help You Get to the Next Level
honest with yourself about what you can and can't do on the horn." -Joe Alessi Honest appraisal of one's Joe Alessi
Monday YouTube Fix: New York Philharmonic/Kurt Masur - Schumann Symphony No. 3
Joe Alessi This is such a great clip. The trombone section, lead by Joe Alessi, makes this seems so easy and
Hitting the Extremes Early in the Day
Joe Alessi day for a week.  The progress in just one week will astound you. Joe Alessi once commented in a
Wise Words from Arnold Jacobs
complicated process that simply focusing on the buzz and thinking melodically. And if it's good enough for Mr. Jacobs and Joe Alessi, it is good enough for me. towards simplifying things. I am reminded of a great quote from Joe Alessi. He frequently says: "Playing Joe Alessi
Marty Hackleman: Monday YouTube Fix
Marty (in a brass quintet that also featured Jens Lindemann, Kevin Gebo and Joe Alessi!) I was over
A Musical Enlightenment
Joe Alessi ." - Wayne Dyer I once heard Joe Alessi, in response to a question about taking auditions, tell a student
Monday YouTube Fix: Joe Alessi
What is there left to say about Joe Alessi? He is simply put one of the absolute finest musicians Monday YouTube Fix: Joe Alessi Joe Alessi
Building a Solid Foundation
Joe Alessi ”. - Joe Alessi Earlier this week I was the guest of Mike Parker at the Monumental Brass Quintet
Opinionated Fingers
technique when I watch great trombone players. When watching Scott Hartman or Joe Alessi play I am Joe Alessi
How to Prepare for an Audition
with Joe Alessi in Banff but instead I was making him do most of the talking and taking notes! One Joe Alessi with yourself and know exactly what you can and can not do on your instrument." —Joe Alessi on the
Canadian Brass, Boston Symphony and New York Philharmonic: Monday YouTube Fix
Joe Alessi would involve the likes of Phil Smith, Joe Alessi, Chuck Dallenbach, Fred Mills, etc! I can still
Joe Alessi: Monday YouTube Fix
Joe Alessi: Monday YouTube Fix Joe Alessi I'm not sure what else I can really say about Joe Alessi. His artistry and command over the
The Brass Junkies: Joe Alessi of the New York Philharmonic - Episode 12
Listen via iTunes Soundcloud Stitcher This guy doesn't exactly need an introduction! Joe Alessi is Joe Alessi The Brass Junkies: Joe Alessi of the New York Philharmonic - Episode 12
Doc Severinsen: Monday YouTube Fix
still playing his tail off. I was accompanied by Joe Alessi to the concert and beforehand Joe said
Joe Alessi Master Class Quotes (Part 1 of 3)
Last week the principal trombonist of the New York Philharmonic, Joe Alessi, gave a fantastic Joe Alessi Master Class Quotes (Part 1 of 3) . Check out this Joe Alessi interview I did with Lance LaDuke for The Brass Junkies. I knew that I was Joe Alessi
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