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A blog about the performance and pedagogy of music.

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Questioning What You Are Positive Is True

Andrew Hitz

"A lot of times when you have a problem with your playing and you think you know the solution try the exact opposite.  85% of the time it will work.  And that comes from personal experience." -Marty Hackleman (former horn of the Empire Brass, Canadian Brass and National Symphony Orchestra)

This is invaluable advice for the practice room.  But it is also great advice for band directors and private teachers.  As with anyone who has been doing something for three decades, I know an awful lot about music.  Frequently though, the things which I am positive are the way I perceive them are what hold me back from having a breakthrough with a student or having one myself on the horn.

What is it that you know today that you need to "forget" for a few minutes while allowing the best possible solution to emerge?

The moon rising over the Italian Alps before a Boston Brass performance in Merano, Italy. © 2012 Andrew Hitz


Giving Students Complexes

Andrew Hitz

From time to time we like to pass along great blog posts from colleagues around the internet.  Here is a very short post by John Ericson of Horn Matters relaying a story from the late, great Abe Torchinsky.  There is a great lesson for all of us in this quick story. Passing of Abe Torchinsky and Giving Students Complexes

By the way, for anyone who isn't familiar with Horn Matters, you should be.  It is one of the best online brass resources around and John and his colleague, Bruce Hembd, are great guys who are incredibly knowledgeable.

John Ericson and Bruce Hembd on the French horn, brass related topics, and the field of classical music.