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The Brass Junkies 86: Listener's Choice - The Falcone Festival

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The Brass Junkies 86: Listener's Choice - The Falcone Festival

Andrew Hitz

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TBJ:86 Listener's Choice - The Falcone Festival

For episode 86 of The Brass Junkies, we did a deep dive on The Falcone Festival. Lance won the first ever Falcone euphonium competition (he is OLD!) and had lots of great stories. I learned a ton from this one.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Andrew’s medication
  • Lance’s summer plans
  • Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Simmons
  • Boston Brass Portuguese cell phone story
  • Falcone Festival
  • Lance winning the 1st contest in the student level
  • Judging the competition and judging in general

You can check out the complete show notes including all of the links mentioned during this episode over at Pedal Note Media.