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Kate Davis: Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

One of the reasons I love twitter is because of the wonderful clips like this that pass through my feed that I might ordinarily miss.  It was hard to escape Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" this summer.  It's a great pop tune that's quite catchy.

This clip is a cover of New York City vocalist and bass player Kate Davis doing a jazz cover of the tune with her jazz trio.  I instantly fell in love with her voice and playing and watched this video three times in a row the first time I heard it.  It is a brilliant re-setting of the tune and Kate's voice just oozes style.  Her website says she has an album forthcoming and I very much look forward to hearing it.



Carrie Manolakos Covering Radiohead: Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

There is so much great music available on the Internet that I can easily take it for granted.  This clip leaves me breathless every time I hear it.  You know those rare moments in music, when you realize that you were holding your breath as a listener even though you had no idea you were doing it? This is one of those clips. At the Savvy Musician in ACTION Retreat down at the University of South Carolina, I had the opportunity to get to know fellow Thought Leader Justin Kantor, the co-founder of Le Poisson Rouge.  We were talking about all of the incredible performances that have happened in the space he created and this clip came up.  I watched it on a big screen and was left speechless.

This is how you cover a song.  You make it your own with an interesting arrangement, you play it with an incredible group of musicians, and you GO FOR IT! Somewhere, the guys from Radiohead are smiling from ear to ear.  I'll never hear the song Creep the same way ever again.