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An Interesting Blog Post on Practicing

Andrew Hitz

I have had some interesting discussions with some folks recently about practicing.  Those conversations have focused on the fact that practicing is both an art and a science.  2011 saw me get a lot more organized about my approach to practicing with the help of Lance LaDuke's new book 'Music Practice Coach' (also available as an eBook).  I highly recommend his workbook for all students and specifically all teachers.  It has made me think quite a lot about my approach which is always a good thing!

As a result of my renewed focus on how to practice my radar has been up for conversations on the subject.  Last night on Twitter I stumbled on a very interesting blog post about practicing (hat tip: @brasschatter).  The blog is called Study Hacks and is not specifically a music blog but a blog about "why some people lead successful, enjoyable, meaningful lives, while so many others do not."

The author interviewed an accomplished piano player about his practice habits and how they differed from others:


Flow is the Opiate of the Mediocre: Advice on Getting Better from an Accomplished Piano Player


I found the post insightful.  What do you think?