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The Brass Junkies 75: Listener's Choice 2: Auditioning for College

Andrew Hitz

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In this special Listener's Choice episode, Lance and I talk about the ins and outs of auditioning for college as a brass player. This is the second time we've tried this format. Let us know what you think! In terms of structure, we decided to tackle the:

10 Top Brass College Audition Questions

  1. Researching schools and teachers
  2. What repertoire to prepare?
  3. Should you take a lesson with the teacher?
  4. # of schools to apply to?
  5. Is it okay to send a tape or video?
  6. What should you wear/how should you act?
  7. How to overcome nerves/what to expect on the day of/in the room?
  8. How to follow up
  9. How to ask for more $
  10. How to decide

You can check out the complete show notes including all of the links mentioned during this episode over at Pedal Note Media.

The Brass Junkies 70: Listener's Choice: Where Andrew & Lance share stories related to questions submitted by YOU!

Andrew Hitz

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We are always trying new things at Pedal Note Media (after all, if you're not, what the hell is the fun in that?) So this is a new episode format where we answer a couple of questions from the audience. If this gets a good response, we will do more of these episodes in the future!

From the show notes:

This is the first in what may become a recurring episode type (depending on whether you nice folks like the format.) We get lots of questions on a variety of topics and thought we'd try answering some of them.

In this episode, we talk about our early influences and share stories from our formative years. We close out the episode explaining how we ended up in music school and will be unpacking the process of college applications/auditions for the next installment of the "Listener's Choice."

Let us know what you think!