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Student Percussionists Playing Led Zeppelin: Monday YouTube Fix

Andrew Hitz

This clip is the convergence of a whole lot of things that are near and dear to my heart.  A grassroots nonprofit organization (the Louisville Leopard Percussionists,) students making music, and Led Zeppelin.

I will never forget where I was when I "got it" when it came to Led Zeppelin.  I was standing in the Leningrad Airport and a friend of mine had a Walkman that he handed me and said "Listen to this." I went home and had bought every album within months.

I'm wondering if this incredible clip will maybe inspire some kids to check them out and maybe instill the same kind of love in Led Zeppelin that I've now had for the last 25 years.

Regardless, these kids and this program are awesome! Enjoy!

Monday YouTube Fix: Led Zeppelin

Andrew Hitz

The first time I really heard Led Zeppelin and paid attention was in the Leningrad Airport in the former Soviet Union in 1990.  A friend in the trombone section said "Hey Hitz, check this out" and handed me his headphones. That experience changed my musical life forever. As soon as I got home I bought my first Led Zeppelin album, Led Zeppelin 4.  Within two weeks I bought two more and soon owned all 10 of their albums.  I had never heard non-classical music that had spoken to me so profoundly.

This track, Going to California, was on that first album I purchased.  This is a live version from Earl's Court which is simply stunning and so beautiful.  These guys are real musicians.  They have possibly the greatest rock and roll drummer in the world in their band and yet they are able to groove this hard without him even on stage.

I love me some Led Zeppelin!