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The Brass Junkies: Joey Tartell - Episode 44

Andrew Hitz

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Joey Tartell, Professor of Trumpet at Indiana University, is someone I truly look up to in the music business. Not just for his playing, which is stunningly awesome, but for his approach to teaching and to life. He is one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet and plays so incredibly well that he could "get away with" being a completely pain in the rear end and still work as much as he'd ever want to. But he doesn't.

In this interview, Joey details the keys to his success including the insights he gained from his former teachers, explains the good news/bad news about the advent of YouTube and how he equips his students to succeed in music.

Along the way there is also mention of Mexican food, vuvuzelas, the San Antonio Spurs and the story of how Joey almost got thrown out of a women’s basketball game.

Don't miss this one!

Joey at IU
Raya Brass Band

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Article: Fact Resistance by Joey Tartell

Andrew Hitz

"Access to information is more easily accessible than at any time in history, but there is no built in truth filter.  When there is no filter, all information- true, false, misleading, outright lies- can be treated equally.  So what happens when people go looking for information?  They get bombarded with all kinds of information, and sometimes don’t know how to differentiate the facts from the garbage.

Too often, people that want to convince you that their way is the right (and sometimes only) way are the loudest voices, working hard to drown out any that disagree.  There seems to be an idea that if something is said loudly enough and often enough, it must be true."

This is an excerpt from a great blog post by phenomenal trumpet player and professor at Indiana University, Joey Tartell. It is a very thought-provoking piece about the times we live in, when anyone can be an "expert" and the loudest voices can seem the most correct.

Well worth the three minutes it will take to read.

Fact Resistance by Joey Tartell