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The Brass Junkies 83: Donna Parkes

Andrew Hitz

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We had a blast interviewing the phenomenal Donna Parkes, Principal Trombone of the Louisville Orchestra. She told us all about her fascinating journey from Australia to Kentucky with a few stops along the way.

It's always so great when musicians who are as accomplished as Donna is are so down to earth. It really was a treat to speak with her!

From the show notes:

TBJ83: Trombonist Donna Parkes of the Louisville Orchestra on having a “Yes!” attitude, sleeping bags and growing up in Australia

Donna Parkes, Principal Trombone with Louisville Orchestra joins Andrew & Lance to detail her amazing career, from Australia to Kentucky, with stops in Chicago, Alaska and Doha, Qatar.

In this fun and lively conversation, we cover:

  • Playing Principal Trombone with Louisville Orchestra
  • Playing with the Colorado Music Festival
  • Coming from Indiana, I mean Canberra, Australia
  • Coming to the U.S. after her undergrad to study with Charlie Vernon at DePaul
  • The differences between the Australian and U.S. markets
  • Studying with Michael Mulcahy early on in Australia
  • Playing freelance gigs in Sydney for a year before moving
  • Getting a lesson with Arnold Jacobs and Ed Kleinhammer
  • Working with 80-year-olds in Virginia
  • The size of Andrew’s tongue (don’t ask)
  • Sleeping in her sleeping bag with her trombone in a hostel on her first night in the U.S.
  • Taking pictures of snow
  • Tips for flying to Australia
  • Playing gigs in Sitka, Alaska twice a year
  • How she recently got married in Australia
  • A typical week in Louisville, which is anything but typical
  • The importance of being flexible and being a good colleague
  • Having a “Yes” attitude
  • Playing in Doha, Qatar
  • An important life lesson, “Don’t smell it first.”

You can check out the complete show notes including all of the links mentioned during this episode over at Pedal Note Media.