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The Brass Junkies 105: Seth Horner

Andrew Hitz

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TBJ105: Seth Horner, tubist of the North Carolina Symphony talking to himself, studying with David Fedderly and his box of mouthpieces

Seth is really great friend and as nice a person as you’ll find in the music business. He has had one hell of a career so far! I really liked this conversation and especially about making fun of his box of mouthpieces!

You can check out the complete show notes including all links mentioned during TBJ105 over at Pedal Note Media.

The Brass Junkies: Andrew Balio of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Andrew Hitz

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Andrew Balio, Principal Trumpet of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra join Andrew & Lance in a fascinating and far reaching conversation. From his time with some of the greatest orchestra on the planet to the four years he spent at an ashram, Andrew's story is endlessly fascinating. We also cover his role at the Future Symphony Institute and talk about many of the issues facing professional orchestras today.

Oh, and there are sheep. Like, a lot of sheep. 


Future Symphony Institute

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Produced by Austin Boyer of FredBrass