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Performance and Pedagogy Blog

A blog about the performance and pedagogy of music.

My 7 Most Read Blog Posts in 2013

Andrew Hitz

It's been a busy and very successful year for  I find this hard to process, but this blog was read in over 90 countries in 2013! Thank you to everyone for all of the support.  Truly, it means the world to me. I thought I would compile a list of links for the 7 most read posts for the year.  Again, thanks for reading and may everyone have a wonderful 2014!

Lessons Learned from The Savvy Musician in ACTION Retreat

Chronicling the countless things I learned as a thought leader at this amazing retreat.

Janos Starker's Inspiring Words on Teaching Music

Amazing words from an amazing man.

The 5 Most Influential Concerts I Ever

Everything from the first time I saw Sam Pilafian perform to a rock concert that changed my life.

Phil Smith Sums Up Playing Music

It's almost scary how well he sums up music in so few words.

Are You Ready for the Call?

This colleague of mine at George Mason was ready for a call from the New York Philharmonic when the phone rang one late afternoon about a concert that night. Would you be?

Best Description of Articulation Ever

Michael Mulcahy gave me a brand new prospective on articulation in just 28 words.

The Next Chapter

My announcement that I was leaving Boston Brass and about what was next.


Again, thank you to everyone who reads this blog and see you all somewhere down the line in 2014!

Boston Brass Poster in Merano, Italy © 2012 Andrew Hitz